Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's Turkish for Drying Off?

Each shelf is 15 x 12 inches
There are 6 towels stacked in bottom shelf of my linen closet. You can’t do that with ordinary towels.

What you’re looking at is my collection of handwoven Turkish Towels, also known as peshtemals, foutas, or hamam towels.

I am simply in love with Turkish towels. They get softer as you wash them, they never leave any fuzzies on your body, and they dry super-fast!! A pet peeve of mine is towels that never dry fully, a common issue especially in apartment living.

They can be made of pure cotton, or blended with silk or linen. They come in all colors, including white, and can even be woven with pretty designs like my orange one below. Better to have them be hand woven than factory produced.

Due to their flatness, you can travel easily with them, because of their softness they can be used for babies, and their being so quick to dry makes them perfect for regular home use, the beach, or the pool.

I bought a few at a flea market, but they are also found online on Etsy, Amazon, Overstock, and independent sites. I admit they are pricier (average price is $20), so start with just one or two. Once you try a few you will discover whether you prefer the pure cotton or one of the blends. I personally like the pure cotton and the cotton linen blends.  

Follow me and donate your old towels now!! You can also cut up old towels and use them for cleaning. Either way, you will definitely discover a new love.

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