Why the name "Twilight Lotus Thoughts"

As a non religious person, there are a few symbols that I have come to cherish :cough: obsess over as I plod along my life path. 

In no particular order, the first is the symbol of the moon. Already you can tell I'm a bit of mystic spiritualist (among other things) that I am even attributing any symbolism to the moon. But really this isn't my fault. Even as a child when reading about my astrological sign the descriptions would state that Cancerians are governed by the moon which means we are intuitive. Who doesn't wish to possess some magical 'other' knowledge?

From there an indelible impression of the seductiveness and power of the moon was marked on my conscience, further cemented by discovering that various cultures also feel more than just a gravitational pull from the moon

In my later years, I most particularly became interested in the waning phase of the moon. I almost (and still may) got a tattoo that I designed that had this phase.

I was born under a waning moon (you can look up your birth moon phase here) which also has some meaning, but I was most interested in this description, which basically states that the waning moon is a time to review mistakes and make amends and give thanks for what has been achieved. 

Which brings me to the second symbol, the lotus. At the most basic the lotus is an aquatic plant that is rooted in the soil under water and the blossom floats above the water. This has come to represent a metaphor for spiritual awakening or rising above "muddy" circumstances to shine beautifully. For me it is a symbol of strength. 

The hamsa is the image in which I place the most meaning and as a current fashion fad in jewelry, I am slowly gathering many pieces that feature this symbol.
This is my favorite because it can be considered an ancient symbol and symbols with such a long history carry greater depth of meaning, in my opinion. The hamsa does not belong to any one religion (although it does have a place in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and is a symbol of protection and harmony. 

Now that we've covered all of that you will understand the reason I would want to include any of these words in a blog title. A blog will be a reflection of me and what is important to me.

I added 'twilight' because it is sort of an interesting time of day where the brightness of day is ending and the secrets of the night are beginning. It is a time of the in between and unknown. 

As mentioned in the "Start Here" section, this blog doesn't seek to do anything other than express what's going on in my life and hope to reach across any boundaries to hit a chord within you, the reader. The title implies that I am wandering through life like many of you might be, and simply looking to make my mark on the world in a positive manner. 

Feel free to share below symbols in which you place meaning!

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