Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grass-Fed on a Desert Road

I always eat like I mean it and I’m sure most people do so I’m not clear on what Carl’s Jr. hopes to encourage by this slogan, but what I really wanted to discuss was the new grass-fed, natural beef burger by them.

I’m big on grass-fed meat. Apart from all the reasons it’s good for you- there is also a difference in taste. This isn’t psychological because I had my dad try a steak unbeknownst to him that it was grass-fed, and he kept raving about how that particular steak was so tender and tasty. When I revealed that it was grass-fed he also agreed that it worth the investment, and this is coming from a very budget-minded person (and that was why he agreed it was worth it for ME not himself haha).

Anyway, if you’ve ever driven from Phoenix, AZ to Vegas you know that the stretch hasn’t changed all that much from what I imagine the Pioneer days were like. 

Yes, it's a breathtaking view and there is a highway and some other developments, but there are hardly any rest stops with options for the bathroom or your appetite. 

So we stopped at Carl’s and lo and behold I saw an ad for a grass-fed burger! 

It’s pretty darn tasty. If you’re in a pinch this is definitely a great option, and if you’re concerned with gluten you can apparently get it lettuce wrapped which I didn’t know, but wish I had. 

There are the naysayers who point out that it’s still a lot of calories (760) and the bun has like 60 ingredients, but I think this is a great option if you’re stranded and you find yourself perusing menus of only chicken nuggets and fries. 

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